Miodowa Gallery and Miodowa Art Studio

The Miodowa Gallery has its name of the Miodowa - one of the most important streets in Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter of Cracow. The Miodowa Gallery was established in 1994 at the outpatient ward of the Chair of Psychiatry Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University and has been managed till now by the painter Małgorzata Bundzewicz.

The gallery exibits works of proffesional artists and those who works at the Miodowa Art Studio. From the very beginning of its activity, the Miodowa Gallery has been an important venue in the artistic enviroment of Cracow thanks to its numerous exibitions (more than 50) of Polish and foreign artists. Some exhibitions were designed and created especially for the gallery, e.g. the exhibition of drawings by the German artist Harald Herrmann (1998), entitled Compsition for the Miodowa Gallery. Several exhibitons became major events in the artistic life of Cracow.

The Miodowa Gallery co-operates with major sponsoring institutions such as the Goethe Institute, the Nuremberg House and the Centre of Jewish Culture. We have also established contact with professional artists from Copenhagen, Chicago, Köln, Dramstad and Suwałki.

The objective of the gallery is to present the problem of possibility of communication through art. By exhibiting the works of uniquely sensitive people we hope to strenghten them artistically and to show them a way towards ordinary way.